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E-Commerce Proposal

E-Commerce Proposal

E-Commerce Proposal

With the proposed addition of the new enterprise systems in place, the executive team wants to increase revenue by implementing e-commerce opportunities for the business. They have asked for a proposal to integrate e-commerce into International Plastics’ business strategy. As a guideline, this type of proposal is typically 3 to 4 pages in length.

Write a proposal with:

  • A list of anticipated functional requirements for e-commerce (the operations that e-commerce must be able to perform)
  • Three options integrating e-commerce into International Plastics’ business strategy
  • A recommendation of the best option based on the list of anticipated functional requirements

System Management Plan


A network framework ought to have an appropriate practical foundation to accomplish its motivation and guarantee ideal execution. Therefore, it’s appropriate that staffing be satisfactory to deal with the necessary innovative moves. The network framework should also be running on the most recent innovation accessible, so it doesn’t experience the ill effects of old innovation’s negative marks. This is because the universe of innovation continues to advance, particularly in this period where quantum processing, human-made consciousness, the web of things, AI, and computer-generated reality are the subjects of contemplating.

Changes to the International Plastics Inc. – Network Overview

The original diagram shows how conceivably the base camp is understaffed in contrast with the mind-boggling number of workers who are the auxiliaries. Since there is a higher number of representatives at the auxiliaries, adding up to 425, the central command, which at present has only 125 workers, ought to have in any event have half of the all-out staffing at the auxiliaries. This should make the staff at the central command around 212, an addition of 87 (69.5%). This is with a general presumption that the auxiliaries are performing at the ideal with their current staffing.

Changes to the International Plastics Inc. Corporate Headquarters

The root connection has been changed from 100baseT to 1000baseT to make more connections interlinked while making the communication interaction quicker (Margaret, 2020). Furthermore, camcorders have been added to the network framework, so natural observation and checking. Reinforcement serves have been increased to help with information security. A firewall has been added and refreshed.

Changes to International Plastics Inc. – Albany, GA Network Diagram

The connection to the external network connections has been modernized to be a T3 connection rather than a T2 connection. The reason is that a T3 connection is quicker by around 43 Mbps (Baxter, 2017). Which means it can support the speed of the connections better. Moreover, reconnaissance cameras and reinforcement workers have likewise been added to the network framework. The firewall has additionally been updated.

Changes to International Plastics Inc. – Pontiac MI Network Diagram

The connection to corporate headquarters has been updated from a T2 to a T3 connection to support the connection speed. Reconnaissance cameras and reinforcement workers have additionally been added to the neighborhood framework. Firewall updates have likewise been made.

Changes to International Plastics Inc. China Headquarters

The backbone connection has been updated from 100baseT to 100baseT to give quicker connections seriously interlinking. Observation cameras and reinforcement workers have likewise been added to the neighborhood framework. A firewall has been added and updated too.

Ethical and Regulatory Concerns associated with the Plan

The new applications will work with the enhanced IT foundation by having all the equipment moved up to new PCs, PCs, and printers to guarantee that the web association is the quickest fit strength-wise. This can likewise be helped by the new switches and remote association hardware that will be introduced. The security will be more secure because there will be another firewall arrangement in every office. The additional firewall will guarantee that every office doesn’t interface with different workplaces firewalls if there is a hacking of the firewall, which is profoundly impossible. There will be secure areas for each piece of gear that should be designed, and the link associations will be refreshed to CAT-6 links to give the ideal sign. These frameworks will also be integrated with a safe worker that each representative should sign into to get to the organization’s applications.

There are a couple of worries with this arrangement as ordinary organizations would. There is a constant danger of getting hacked. To prevent being hacked, regular updates should be scheduled so the PCs continually keep them on the most recent software to the extent that infection insurance, windows software, firewall, and Citrix collector will be utilized as a protected VPN.

Risks to the Network

The following risks have been identified concerning the network for International Plastics Inc.:

1. Susceptibility to unrecoverable data loss – This is because the networking system did not incorporate backup servers at the subsidiaries and the corporate headquarters level.

2. Untraceable physical security breach – this is because there were no surveillance cameras in the networking system. This practically put the company into a blind spot.

3. The risk of slow connection speeds is because some networking components were running on outdated technology, such as a T2 connection. At the same time, currently, there are more superior technologies like T3 connection.

4. Risk of cybercrime – this is a risk that any computer-based institution remains susceptible to no matter the level of its advancement. Incidences like DoS (Denial of Service) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, phishing, etc., can occur in International Plastics Inc. too.

How the changes will mitigate the identified risks

The following are how the identified risks can be curbed:

· Susceptibility to unrecoverable data loss has been solved by making provision for backup servers at the subsidiaries and the corporate headquarters level.

· Untraceable physical security breach – this has been solved by the addition of surveillance cameras to the network system.

· The risk of slow connection speeds has been solved by updating the network components to more efficient ones, e.g., T2 and T3 connections.

· Risk of cybercrime – this has been solved by making firewall updates throughout the entire network system.

Justification of the Plan

This arrangement’s systems administration segment will consider the ideal web association all through the organization’s organization and operations, which will accommodate the best help regarding the staffing of the organizations. Inside the systems administration, new firewalls will be introduced in each working just as the remote switches offer the best support and forestall executing of the frameworks. Updating the PCs, workstations, and printers to the furthest down the line models can help them get the best and most recent software projects to use on the PCs and give the best security. Adding a refreshed ERP plan to this organization will consider the most effective staffing management plan for ideal business and better communication within the organization.

Security Concerns

In the present status of the world, hacking organizations are at an unsurpassed high. ERP’s are being assaulted because they are the essential base for organizations’ data. There will be a ton of preparation required before delivering to the organization to guarantee this doesn’t occur. There should be a ton of preparation among the representatives to ensure everybody understands these issues. We will additionally need to prepare for administrators to ensure there isn’t any inward misrepresentation inside the organization. Another approach to assuring hacking stays low is consistently having the frameworks refreshed and didn’t skip critical system updates. When they spring up on the PC, they should be introduced. This will be essential for the preparation of the representatives and should be an authorized guideline. The IT group will be formed to screen the frameworks and ensure these hacks don’t occur, and to watch out for whatever representatives may discover dubious on their equipment.











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