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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Advocates for the rights of the Asian immigrant and refugee communities to get health care services. Serving the people of their community and providing the care they need may become a financial burden for AHS due to the advocacy and provision of care included in its mission statement. Inadequate financing threatens to derail the AHS system. Adding new technology, providing new services, hiring and retaining medical professionals in an era when they are being offered more money by for-profit organizations and those who are bilingual as well as multilingual to accommodate the community’s growing population are all made more difficult by a lack of funding (Chung & Chin, n.d.). When the Affordable Care Act was finally enacted, financing became a major concern because of all the additional programs that had to be added to the AHS’s budget. When a non-profit, we also lacked the resources to aid this community as its demographics shifted due to a combination of factors, including the aging and departure of some long-time residents and the arrival of new immigrants. The AHS understood that patients should always come first, and that community advocacy was essential to finding solutions to these difficulties (Asian Health Services, 2017).


Healthcare managers are crucial to any business because of the role they play in strategic problem-solving. AHS’s healthcare administrators need a long-term strategy for allocating scarce resources to their most pressing needs: their patients and their employees. The need for a multilingual and bicultural staff cannot be overstated. Healthcare administrators must staff each division with a speaker of one of the eleven Asian languages likely to be spoken by patients. Hire people who are fluent in more than one language; this should be a standard practice. Managers in the healthcare industry play a crucial role in both keeping existing employees and bringing in new ones (Asian Health Services, 2017). Profitable businesses can afford to pay their employees more, but effective communication also plays a major impact. A wonderful work culture may be established by simply listening to employees, considering their input, and encouraging teamwork (Asian Health Services, n.d. ).

Managers in the healthcare industry may utilize strategic planning to innovate new patient and community-oriented services. The community and the people they serve will benefit from the addition of additional services, and the government will provide more money to support the expansion of existing programs. Regarding the ACA, hospital administrators should provide all medical staff members sufficient EHR training. Better charting, assistance with treatment in between office visits, reimbursement, and regulatory rules for ACA compliance may all be achieved with properly trained staff (Chung & Chin, n.d.).


The American Hospital Association has a number of groups with a vested interest in the organization’s success, such as a staff union and patients (who make up “more than half of the board members,” giving them a formal voice in determining AHS’s priorities and strategies) (Chung & Chin, n.d.). To further advocate for its members and the local community, AHS also engaged with community leaders. Different internal and external stakeholders have various needs and requirements, and their input shapes both current and future organizational strategies. One way to get key stakeholders engaged in strategic planning is to provide them with a variety of services they’ll find useful. Undoubtedly, not everyone will care about every single one of AHS’s strategic plans under development, but some of them will. It’s helpful to get them engaged and make them feel wanted by holding open meetings and encourage them to attend. In order to get people interested in AHS, it will need to pique their attention and perhaps live up to their expectations (Asian Health Services, n.d. ).

Better align

AHS is making concerted efforts to harmonize its strategic planning and policymaking with its stated goals and objectives. Hirota “showed via her thinking and decades of labor at AHS that AHS had to be handled not merely as a non-profit bleeding-heart enterprise, but also as an innovative business” (Asian Health Services, 2017). Customers come first, but “ensuring the maximum degree of stratification” is also crucial to a company’s success (Asian Health Services, 2017). AHS recognizes the importance of addressing not just the medical requirements of its patients, but also the social problems that may have an impact on them. The most pressing need is for translators to bridge the communication gap between the Asian population and the rest of the world. With its advocacy activities, AHS is actively working for safer streets and “pressing the government to adequately regulate occupational chemical exposures inside nail salons” (Asian Health Services, 2017). Clinic updates and new technologies are also part of the organization’s plans. My one piece of advice for AHS is to set up a division staffed by case managers who interact directly with patients and are therefore better equipped to represent their interests and those of the community at large. This has the potential to enhance AHS’s interaction with the people they serve.






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