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OSCM 440 Commodity Credit Corporation and Technology in The US Discussion

OSCM 440 Commodity Credit Corporation and Technology in The US Discussion

OSCM 440 Commodity Credit Corporation and Technology in The US Discussion

The United States federal government established Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) in 1933 to help in addressing the concerns of the farmers and harmonize the farm produces, including the prices and other aspects of supply (Frischknecht 1953). The corporation has helped in marketing the agricultural produce and services in the United States, among other key functions of helping advance the functionality, which is key in addressing the major issues of productivity as required. Ideally, the focus of the corporation has been on fighting for the less-privileged farmers and enhancing productivity, which is a key role and managerial approach in making the country perfect when it comes to agriculture (Ozdogan, Gacar & Aktas, 2017). The corporation is supposed by Farm Service Agency (FSG) and Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) employees whereby the key services and other aspects of productivity get implemented in the organization. Since it was established, the corporation has the mandate of taking loans with a credit limit of 30 billion dollars to help in boosting the market and supporting the key operations necessary in stabilizing the prices, supply, and complaints of farmers. The following research is about the impact of technology in Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), whereby the service evolution is seen with respect to the changes and advancements in technology (Klerkx, Jakku & Labarthe, 2019). An emphasis on the crucial aspects of the company is key in making the organization work perfectly as recommended for qualitatively applying the necessary and ideal practices as needed.

Impact of technology on Commodity Credit Corporation

a.Supply Chain Management

The process of supply chain management has been smooth, especially with the technology incorporated into the systems. Some of the basic issues that the Commodity Credit Corporation ensured got executed included supporting the income of the farmers through blended operations and financial aids (Hyberg, Smith, Skully & Davison, 1995). Additionally, there is the aspect of disaster management assistance to help the various people, and places that are rich in agricultural produce addressed based on the needs which are key and quality. Ideal practices in commodity promotion and support are on the level of perfection and ideal focus on things that matter, especially in making things work effectively as necessary. Basically, the emphasis is on the level of perfection and working on the organizational goals as required.

The introduction of technology in supply chain management has helped in promoting the ordering process of the CCC hence promoting the service to the people (Klerkx, Jakku & Labarthe, 2019). Some of the recommended practices in the agricultural sectors include outsourcing for farm produces and implementing ideal practices in helping to stabilize the processes as necessary. The process of the supply chain within the key recommendations and working on the perfection in making the United States department of agriculture good (Klerkx, Jakku & Labarthe, 2019). Technological advancement has taken a leading step in helping accomplish various objectives such as promoting the success level in making things work perfectly, which is key and quality and ideal. Necessarily, the focus and quality of such metrics are on the way supplemental processes get implemented in making the necessary information key in the organization.

An introduction of the e-supply chain management has helped in promoting the work process in the corporation hence getting the required services that have helped in changing the agricultural sector (Miller, Meyers & Lancaster, 1978). In the management of outsourced services and agricultural goods, technology has helped in stabilizing the agricultural processes and making things work perfectly, which is an ideal practice for making the changes which is necessary for making the protocols work as recommended (Ozdogan, Gacar & Aktas, 2017). Necessarily, the focus and quality ideas are key in the supply chain industry, and working on the protocols of change is necessary for making the Commodity Credit Corporation advance in the levels of practice. With the profit margin rising to more than 30 billion dollars annually, the corporation is one of the organizations that has helped in making the United States accomplish some of the basic and key requirements in making the implementations perfect and good for a successful and key issue which is ideal in making things work procedurally. The supply chain involves getting goods and services that are not available within the corporation, such that the operations are made better and perfect. With technology such as internet marketing and social media processes, the supply chain has been enhanced, whereby the simplicity and quality of operations are applied precisely. With the quality aspects and implementation metrics in the organizations, working on key processes is an ideal protocol in making things work for the promotion of necessary and ideal practices, which is a requirement.

Approximately 50% of the Commodity Credit Corporation’s functions have been improved with the introduction of e-commerce and electronic data management systems. The cloud system backups using companies such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have helped in making the corporation good and organization the supply chain documents perfectly, which has been instrumental in making the organization well-organized. Technology has helped the supply chain management of the company prosper with ideal practices implemented in making things better and promoting the success level, which is recommended in making things work perfectly as recommended.

b.Strategy and Service Design

In the services offered to the farms and farm produce, the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) has been supported effectively by the rise in technology and key issues associated with perfect technological involvement and support. Based on the necessary information and key processes, the necessary approaches have been on working on critical and informed processes, especially in making things ideal (Ozdogan, Gacar & Aktas, 2017). The CCC has improved in business terms, and the federal government is getting an easy time in giving the best services to the society which is required.

Technology has improved financial processing and management as well as planning. With a credit limit of 30 billion dollars, the company has been good and enhanced the art of wellness and quality in the making of ideal services work that is quality and necessary (Ozdogan, Gacar & Aktas, 2017). A focused and effective intervention is key in making the organization accomplish some of the basic elements of success, which is a requirement to make things ideally implemented as needed (Klerkx, Jakku & Labarthe, 2019). With the focus and integrated approaches, the basic issues and key ideas have been on the strategic operations of the corporation. Since 1933, the rise in technology has promoted better planning and organization of the services to be within the desirable standards and key ideas as per the protocols and quality processes as necessary.

c.Responsiveness and Resourcing

Technology and IT incorporation in the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) has increased the business aspect whereby the level of responsiveness has increased. According to a recent survey, the level of responsiveness and resourcing has enhanced the operations and promoted the focus, which is key and quality (Ozdogan, Gacar & Aktas, 2017). Some of the focus and quality processes in the corporation have been state-directed techniques, including responding to the complaints of the farmers.

Issues and incidences in the agricultural sector are diverse; hence necessary information on the promotion of ideal circumstances is a key requirement. With the levels of challenges and key requirements, the organization has been doing well, especially in response to the major requirements.

Communication is a major improvement area promoted by the technology advancement. Airing out issues associated with the corporation or the regulations that are newly arriving are made through the social media channels and other official communication pages that have helped the federal government curb the major challenges they face in the agricultural sector. Technology and informational techniques have helped in making the organization good and focus on the ideal workload processing and stabilizing the prices or the complaints of the farmers (Field 2005). The responsiveness levels and requests made by the various governmental agencies have been a good strategy in helping make the corporation work perfectly and implement some of the necessary measures in enhancing the quality and key measures as necessary (Ozdogan, Gacar & Aktas, 2017). With the emphasis and key protocols in changing the organizational needs, the focus and key recommendations have been on making a successful point out of the organization.

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