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Nurse Perceived Image Discussion

Nurse Perceived Image Discussion

Nurse Perceived Image Discussion

  1. What are some of the perceived image of NPs in the society?
  2. Do you believe that Medical Professionals are better served by being Licensed at the Federal Level vs the state Level and why?
  3. reponse one richard
  4. What are some of the perceived image of NPs in the society? We realize that some of the problems nurse practitioners experience when being excepted by the public comes from physicians who are guarding their professional territory other resistance is based on the difference in the amount of training that nurse practitioners have when compared to their physician counterparts (Buppert, 2018). It is important that nursing schools to evaluate experience and training while developing advanced practice programs. There must be correspondence to the reality of our healthcare system’s needs (Buppert, 2018). Physicians have at least two years more time in school then nurse practitioners do. Is this why and the spectators are continually being asked to return for further education when they specialize. The question remains when a nurse practitioner does return to school as we are doing here, obtaining a PMHMP, do we become recognized as a colleague to our physician counterparts or are we just glorified RNs?It is imperative that we understand each health care profession and the different cultural which values, beliefs, attitudes, customs and behaviors that evolve as the different professions developed, reflecting historic factors, as well as social class and gender issues. Educational experiences and the socialization process that occur during the training of each health professional reinforce the common values, problem-solving approaches and language/jargon of each profession (Hall, 2017). These professional cultures contribute to the challenges of effective interprofessional teamwork. Insight into the educational, systemic and personal factors which contribute to the culture of the professions can help guide the development of innovative educational methodologies to improve interprofessional collaborative practice (Hall, 2017). Do you believe that Medical Professionals are better served by being Licensed at the Federal Level vs the state Level and why?Licensing should be kept at the state level. Nurse practitioners and all medical professionals are regulated by multiple agencies. Professional societies, state legislators and state agencies, licensing boards, accrediting commissions, they judicial system, and employers. All medical professionals are held to standards of care that are set by national committees, joint commission and agencies for healthcare research and quality (Buppert, 2018). It’s all convoluted at this point in time but you also have compact states, and over the last year you had emergency licensing across the United States. Why should the federal government have more control over our individual practice?Buppert, C. (2018). Nurse practitioner’s business practice and legal guide. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Hall, P. (2017). Interprofessional teamwork: professional cultures as barriers. Journal of interprofessional care.
  5. response two. amankw
  6. What are some of the perceived images of NPs in the society?Healthcare system is ever revolving, which depicts that change is inevitable as the current era seemingly affect the professional practices. Some perceive that image of Nurse Practitioners in society has been positive. The presence of NP in the society has minimized the frequent hospitalization and the high cost it come with it. Due to education offered by the NPs to patients with chronic illnesses the has been an improving in self-management, which has reduced the complication of diseases such diabetes and hypertension. There are large number of people living with mental illness, but there are few providers to care for them. There is a high disparity rate regarding healthcare as a result of physician shortages. NP has positively impacted lives as they fill into the gap of physician shortage. For example, the traditional inpatient management of pleural effusions problems demanded protracted and costly hospitalization.However, NPs has been trained to perform pleural procedure in the outpatient clinics, which improved rapid access, decrease, and promote effective and safe care preferred by patients (Peter, 2020). Also, NP involvement in healthcare has increased timely access to care and promoted high quality care to enhance patient health (2020). Hence, NPs are perceived as healthcare providers who deliver high quality care and assist to reduce the disparity rate in the society.Do you believe that Medical Professionals are better served by being Licensed at the Federal Level vs the state Level and why?I believe licensing at the state level is better since each state has their own laws governing the healthcare system. Also, the standard of living and the need for health differs from one state to the other. For instance, Affordable Care Act was implemented by the government with the primary purpose to ensure large number of Americans have insurance to reduce health disparity rate. However, it was obvious that it did extraordinarily little to address the underlying fiscal crisis of healthcare (Geyman, 2015). Hence, allowing each state to deal with healthcare process is better than involving federal level, Therefore, I believe medical professionals would be better served by licensing at the state level compared to federal level.ReferencesGeyman, J. (2015). What role should the government have in U. S. health care? Retrieved from…Peter, E. (2020). Evaluating the impact of nurse practitioner involvement in a pleural procedures clinic. British Journal of Nursing, 29(14), 816-820. doi:10.12968/bjon.2020.29.14.816


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