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Networking Essentials

Networking Essentials

Networking Essentials

Structured Cabling Project.html
Steps to complete your final project:

1) Watch the video that describes structured cabling. It will also give you the details about the project you will be completing for this class.

Structured Cabling-Network Project Requirements.mp4

2) Review the PDF to learn about the project deliverables: Final Project Scenario and Deliverables.pdf

3) Upload your deliverables to the Assessments > Assignments Dropbox: Final Project – Fall 2020

CCIS1105-CourseVideos/Structured Cabling-Network Project Requirements.mp4
Final Project Scenario and Deliverables.pdf
Network Cabling Project Requirements Network Cabling Project Requirements

Project Objective: Estimate the cabling costs for a small business LAN

• After watching the structured cabling video, create a plan that includes a network diagram, an Excel worksheet and a written summary based on the scenario you will find in the following slides.

• Work Individually or in Teams of 2.

Project Scenario – Floor 1:

• Floor 1 Requirements:

• 1 reception desk and lobby area with WiFi availability, 6 offices, 1 large meeting room, and the NOC which supports 4 servers and 3 IT employees.

•Wiring closet provided:

• One 48-port patch panel

• One 48-port switch (Floor 1 Switch, connects to Floor 2 Switch-1)

• One router with connection to ISP

Project Scenario – Floor 2:

• Floor 2 Requirements:

• 20 office cubicles (1 employee per cubicle), 1 large open work area (supports 8 workers), 2 huddle rooms (small meeting rooms that support 4 workers per room), and WIFI accessibility.

•Wiring closet provided:

• Two 48-port patch panels

• Two 48-port switches (Floor 2 Switch-1 connects to the Floor 1 Switch and the Floor 2 Switch 2)

Project Scenario – Make a Plan:

• Estimate the number of drops you will need

• How many drops per person?

• How many drops per cubicle?

• What about printers?

• Don’t forget a drop for any WAPs (Wireless Access Points)

Project Scenario – Make a Plan:

Area # of Drops Notes

Floor 1

Reception Desk 6 PCs, Phones, Printers

Lobby Area 1 Needed for WAP/WiFi

6 offices 24 2 drops per wall plate. Employees may change office around so we will install two wall plates on opposite walls of each office (4 drops per office)

Large Meeting Room ?


Floor 2

Project Scenario – Be Creative! There is no correct answer – think about what makes sense to you. Budget friendly? Feature-rich?

You (or your team) will choose the number of drops you will need for PCs/laptops, phones, WAPS, and printers in each area.

Network cable $2.50

Cat 5 “Drops“ from Work Areas $150.00

WAP “Drop” (Wireless Access Point) $150.00

Patch Panel Cables $1.50

Fiber Cables $10.00

Include all horizontal and vertical

cabling needs to connect each

device to the network.

Use pricing from this table:

Project Scenario – Deliverables:

1. Create a simple spreadsheet to calculate your totals

• Itemize for Floor 1 and Floor 2 costs

• Calculate the Grand Total of the Project

2. Draw a simple network diagram of the LAN (Floor 1 and Floor 2)

• Option 1: Use Microsoft Visio

• Option 2: Use drawing tools/shapes in MS Paint or Word

• Option 3: Hand draw your network

Project Scenario – Three Deliverables:

3. Write a 250-word summary that includes:

• The key factors influenced your decisions in creating this plan (Examples: Cost? Security? Redundancy? Wireless access?)

• AND what you learned from this project

• Professional Writing

• Intro, Body, and Conclusion

• Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

• You may write in the 1st person

Working as a Team of 2?

• Remember that TEAMWORK means that everyone learns and everyone contributes.

• Your written summary should include what each team member did to contribute to the project.

• The written summary can be extended to 350 words if needed.

Upload your Deliverables

Each person – Clearly indicate if you worked as a team with another person.

Upload the following to D2L Assignment Dropbox:

1. Your Excel Spreadsheet

2. Your Network Diagram (take a photo on your phone if it is a hand drawn diagram).

3. Your Microsoft Word summary.

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