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MAN 542 Business Research Methods Focus Groups & SAQs Discussion

MAN 542 Business Research Methods Focus Groups & SAQs Discussion

MAN 542 Business Research Methods Focus Groups & SAQs Discussion

Focus Group

A Focus group is a survey technique that gets participants into a room to offer response on a concept, service, product, or marketing operation. A specialized moderator leads the discussion within the group to offer meaningful information. The moderator needs to have a set of questions shared in the group during their time together that are intended to stimulatethoughtful feedback (Ozanne et al., 2018). The goal of the moderator in the focus group is to hear from every participantand inspire diverse ideas and opinions that are shared. Participants are selected based on their behavior, demographics, purchase history, or psychographics. Ensuring a maximum number of ideas or thoughts, an organization typically holdsnumerous focus groups in various places of focus.

Strengths of Focus Groups

Focus groups permits a firm to gain essential insight into how their clients perceive about their service, topics, or brand. Asignificantly focused group discussion directed by a experiencedmoderator establishes a natural environment that a firm a window into their customers’ preferences (O. Nyumba, Wilson, Derrick, & Mukherjee, 2018). The different ideas and opinionsthat emerge combine to paint a comprehensive picture for a firm looking to launch a new product or service to the market.

Through discussions held, the focus group leads to significant output. The underlying forces of the focus group have a substantial positive impact on the quality of studyproduction. A significant moderator knows how to carry a focus group discussion to simulate a spirited discussion among the participants.

Through focus groups, information is obtained faster. This is with concern that focus groups involve up to ten individuals and as a firm can collect useful insights from a cross-section of their market in a single discussion (Mohagheghi, 2018). The competitive merit of an organization depends if an organization is ahead of its operations. Through a focus group, an organization can be provided with the potential of gathering insightful information quicker than individual interviews.


Like any other group, focus groups tend to have introverts and extroverts; participants are at ease to give their ideas or opinions and those who may not. The focus group’s objective is to ensure all participants’ voices are heard, and not involving all participants is a common feature of focus groups.

The target group may not be representative of the wholetarget market. It is often that an organization may assume that a focus group represents a cross-section of the population. It is always challenging to assemble an accurate communalrepresentation (O. Nyumba, Wilson, Derrick, & Mukherjee, 2018). Thus, an organization needs to bear in mind when evaluating the output, as any agreement might only represent a small portion of the organization’s target market.

It is challenging to get honest perceptions when the theme of discussion is sensitive. Naturally, there are different types of focus group questions, and when discussing sensitive themes or products, a group setting may not be appropriate, and may be challenging for the moderator to fit the information.


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Post 2

According to Cooper and Schindler (2014), the self-administered survey is a regular feature in the modern way of life. This type of survey refers to a questionnaire that has been designed specifically to be completed by a respondent without the intervention of the researchers (e.g. an interviewer) collecting the data. Self-administered questionnaires (SAQs) are a commonly used method of eliciting information on sensitive topics in a personal visits or face-to-face surveys. SAQs have been used in studies ranging from sexual behavior to drug use (Couper, M P & Stinson, L L, 1999). SAQ has historically been distributed to large groups by mail or in person, but now SAQs are commonly used for online surveys in the modern computer-based era. Because a qualified interviewer conducts the SAQ without the ongoing input, careful attention must be given to the wording of the questions and how the questionnaire is formatted in order to prevent or minimize misunderstandings.

Survey research is an essential scientific research form that requires rigorous design and analysis. The purpose of a survey is for a representative sample of respondents to obtain accurate and impartial data. Researchers are increasingly conducting questionnaires on the awareness, attitudes, and experience of clinicians to generate or refine research questions and determine the effect of clinical research in practice (Burns, K E A; et al, 2008). For a well-defined survey, a specific target is important. Initial research goals need to be identified, interviewees and the questions of primary and secondary research need to be addressed.

A significant element of the self-administered surveys is that no interviewer is involved, by definition. Interview error can significantly contribute to overall survey error, as discussed in depth in Survey Quality. The consistency of the sample can be increased by eliminating the interviewer from the equation (De Jong, J, 2016).

One of the main advantages of a self-administered questionnaire is the cost. No qualified employees of interviewers and supervisors are required for the SAQ, all of which adds cost to prepare, sample, duplicate, mail and supply. Cost of collection and analysis typically is easier and cheaper than other methods of surveying. Other advantages according to Cooper and Schindler includes Saving time Questionnaires can be forwarded simultaneously to all respondents and the bulk of the answers obtained within a week or so. It is also true, however that final returns can much longer. This method is also more convenient and allows for greater anonymity.

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