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Aviation Maintenance Standards

Aviation Maintenance Standards

Aviation Maintenance Standards

Prepare a 2-3 page case study that outlines a process to implement international standards for aircraft maintenance and operations systems and procedures.

· Present at least two ‘roadblocks’ to international standardization and offer your thoughts on potential solutions.

· Include additional research and resources to support your case study and be specific.

· The assignment should be written in current APA format with intext citations.

Business plan 2015

ISO/TC 20 Aircraft and space vehicles



Our vision To be the world’s leading provider of high quality, globally relevant International Standards through its members and stakeholders.

Our mission ISO develops high quality voluntary International Standards that facilitate international exchange of goods and services, support sustainable and equitable economic growth, promote innovation and protect health, safety and the environment.

Our process Our standards are developed by experts all over the world who work on a volunteer or part-time basis. We sell International Standards to recover the costs of organizing this process and making standards widely available.

Please respect our licensing terms and copyright to ensure this system remains independent.

If you would like to contribute to the development of ISO standards, please contact the ISO Member Body in your country: members.htm

This document has been prepared by:

ISO/TC 20, Aircraft and space vehicles

Cover photo credit: ISO/CS, 2015

Copyright protected document

All rights reserved. Unless otherwise specified, no part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized otherwise in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, or posting on the internet or intranet, without prior permission. Permission can be requested from either ISO at the address below or ISO’s member body in the country of the requester:

© ISO 2015, Published in Switzerland

ISO copyright office Ch. de Blandonnet 8 Case postale 401 CH-1214 Vernier, Geneva Tel. +41 22 749 01 11

ii © ISO 2015 – All rights reserved





Executive summary • The principal markets utilizing ISO/TC 20 standards are aircraft and space

systems manufacturers and operators. With expanding international participation and cooperation in aerospace design and manufacturing, it is important for the industry sector, governments, users, public interest groups, suppliers, etc., to adopt international standards to facilitate this global market.

• The international demand for cooperation in outer space exploration and research with the development of telecommunication capacity, weather prediction, navigations, etc., is fostering an expanding commercial space market place resulting in an international customer base for aerospace products. The customer base for aerospace products is international. Products must be capable of being certified, operated and maintained in all nations that a buyer (commercial airline, space launch provider, etc.) intends to operate.

• To serve this market manufacturers of aerospace products from across the globe have found it necessary to work together under partnerships, consortia and buyer/supplier relationships for design, development, manufacture, operation and maintenance. Safety, reliability and interoperability are fundamental to all aspects of this market. This requires that a systematic approach be taken with respect to all aspects of aerospace products. This also means that all aerospace products are the subject of rigorous requirements established by national and international regulatory agencies.

• Some of the qualitative benefits are: improvement of product quality, reduction in the variety of standards called for a specific product, reduction in the number of different standards to be managed in aeronautics by operating customers such as airlines, maintenance and support facilities, common terminology to allow for communication of complicated design requirements, common test methods, and systems definitions, facilitation of product and system certification, and coordination of aerospace standards activities.

• The main objectives of ISO/TC 20 are: 1. To set a clear target for the standardization work of TC 20. 2. To make a specific priority list of standardization work of TC 20 for public review

and comment. 3. To address the impact of emerging technology that may lead to potential

standardization work in the aerospace arena. To attract more participation from interested parties in these subjects.

4. To ensure that internationally accepted standards exist for the design, construction, test and evaluation, operation, air traffic management, maintenance, and disposal of components, equipment and systems of aircraft and space vehicles, including issues related to safety, reliability and the environment. And as required, produce, maintain and assure these standards are produced cost effectively and correspond to users’ and market needs and to support the technical projects of the sector.

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