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Acme’s Terms and Conditions.

Acme’s Terms and Conditions.

Acme’s Terms and Conditions.

1-Google Book Search Copyright Class Action Settlement.

Run a search on the Internet and visit the website for the Google Book Search Copyright Class Action Settlement. Read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the lawsuit. What is the lawsuit about? What are the main terms and conditions of the settlement agreement? What are the rights of authors included in the class? Discuss any changes you would advise.

Provide a 1-page double spaced response.

2- Trademark Electronic Search System.

You are the manager for a company that wants to develop a new trade name for a new mobile application (mobile app). Come up with a new trade name for the mobile app and search for possible conflicts on the USPTO website on the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). You should search not only for your proposed mark but also for other marks that are logically close, such as synonyms and variant spellings.

Provide a 1-page double spaced response.

3- Oracle vs. Google Lawsuit.

You are working for the corporate legal department for Google. Oracle has filed a lawsuit against Google claiming that Google’s popular Android operating system infringed Java patents that it acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems. Conduct research online to learn more about the actual Oracle vs. Google lawsuit. Then write a memorandum to the senior general counsel at Google where you discuss the advantages and advantages of settling the lawsuit against Oracle rather than litigating the claims. In the memorandum, you should also make a recommendation on whether should Google should defend the lawsuit or settle with Oracle.

Provide a 1-page double spaced response.

4- Acme’s Terms and Conditions.

Julia, a website user who lives in Missouri, files a lawsuit against Acme Corp., an Internet referral website based in Denver, Colorado, after she become dissatisfied with services of contractors obtained through the website. The website offers free referrals to prescreened construction contractors. Jane then hires a contractor to remodel her home in Missouri based on a referral. The website process involved a series of computer screens or web pages. Each page was hyperlinked to Acme’s terms and conditions, which included a choice-of-law provision and a forum selection clause limited to Denver County, Colorado. How would a court rule on enforceability of the terms and conditions found in the online agreement? See Major v. McCallister, 302 S.W.3d 227 (Mo. Ct. App. 2009).

Provide a 1-page double spaced response.




5- State Sales Tax.

Steve is passionate about rare orchids but can’t find them in Minnesota, so he orders his supplies online from an orchid supplier with headquarters in California. The supplier has all of its facilities in California and collects payment in California. Does Steve have to pay either Minnesota or California state sales tax on the orchids?

One year later, the supplier opens a warehouse in Minnesota to handle its online orders for the entire country. Is Steve now required to pay Minnesota states tax?

Provide a 1-page double spaced response

6- Recording Movies.

John uses a small camcorder and secretly records a movie shown at his local theater. He then uploads the movie to a website and sends out the link to his friends and family. Which federal laws has John violated? What are the potential penalties that John could face?

Provide a 1-page double spaced response.


John is the parent of a twelve-year old daughter named Erin. Erin, along with some friends at her school, joins a new social networking site called (a fictitious website). Erin enters her personal information on the website during registration but lies about her age claiming she is age sixteen. The social networking site has also gained unauthorized access to the computer network at Erin’s middle school to target more of Erin’s classmates to join the site and to obtain personal information. then sells the personal information to third parties who use the personal information for Internet-based advertising. Discuss which federal statutes has violated, and discuss what legal actions John can pursue. Explain the potential consequences for

Provide a 1-page double spaced response.

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