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Primary Constructs of Family Systems Essay

Primary Constructs of Family Systems Essay

Primary Constructs of Family Systems Essay

Based on the primary constructs of family systems, Gottman’s research, theory and other ideas related to family counseling that you’ve learned this semester, select a real or fictional family to observe and assess. It could be from your favorite television show, movie or your own. Address the most relevant elements from the suggestions below and provide examples of how those constructs manifest themselves in this family. Write up your assessment in narrative form APA style. Please present this final research paper in PowerPoint format.

Demographic information about family members. Who makes up this family? What are family members’ ages, identities related to culture and diversity, and other significant characteristics and/or life events specific to the individual? What dyads or of subgroups of family members have strong relationships, either close or distant?
Family dynamics. What types of boundaries are present or not present in this family? Are family boundaries more enmeshed, rigid, or balanced? Provide examples. What types of spoken or unspoken rules govern this family’s interactions? Provide examples. In what ways is power manifested or not manifested in family interactions?
Family member roles and interactional styles. What roles do family members play in the family constellation? Provide examples. How does each role function within and support the family system or any of its subsystems? Describe each family member’s primary communication stance, according to Satir’s model. categories/
Primary caregiver(s). Describe the primary caregiver(s)’ parenting style styles-and-how-to-identify-yours/.[ OPTIONAL: How would you describe each child’s attachment style to the primary caregiver(s)? ]Which of Gottman’s styles for dealing with conflict and affection do the primary parent or parents represent (” class=”redactor-linkify-object”> and Couples). Provide examples. What is the approximate ratio of compliments to criticisms in this family or among its subgroups (note: just take an approximate guess and provide an example or two) In what ways do Gottman’s four horse people and their antidotes manifest themselves in the primary couple’s interactions. Does this couple exhibit any of the ways for overcoming these four “deadly sins”? four-horsemen-the-antidotes/ Which, if any, of the seven principles for making relationships work have you seen in this family? making-marriage-work/ Have you seen any opportunities where these principles could have been applied but weren’t?
Significant family events. Give three examples of significant family events. In each, describe how each family member reacted and how that reaction was affected by and affected the family system. Describe how the family system went through homeostasis to a new homeostasis. Remember that the goal of a system is to try to stay the same. How did that look in each situation?
Overall family functioning. Given the observations you’ve made above, what kind ofdescriptors come to mind for the family’s overall level of functioning? What strengths does this family possess as a system that it can draw upon for growth and, when needed, healing? If you were this family’s counselor, what might be some potential goals for family counseling and what might be some strategies you would consider?
Apply a family therapy model that we’ve covered in class this semester. Look up at least 2 articles that address the use of this therapy with families and/or couples specifically (not just in general in the therapy field). Include the name of the therapy model you selected and a brief description of the research studies you found. What is the application of this theory to the real or fictional family you’ve selected? What are your conclusions about whether this model has merit in working with this family?
This paper must include references of the sources you used in your research, and the paper is to be written in APA format. Failure to include references or to use APA format will affect your grade for this assignment. Minimum 6 pages, maximum 8 pages.

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