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CSTU 220 Business Christian Response to the Civil Rights Movement Discussion

CSTU 220 Business Christian Response to the Civil Rights Movement Discussion

CSTU 220 Business Christian Response to the Civil Rights Movement Discussion

DiscussionBoard Instructions – Module/Week 6 — Christian Response to the Civil Rights Movement


  • Thepurpose of this assignment is to foster communication and discussionamong the class regarding specific topics.


  • Youwill post a 200–250 word thread in the Discussion Board Forum answering the assigned question(s). Remember that this is adiscussion, not an essay or paper. Leave room for others to comment,challenge, and question you.
  • The thread should show careful analysis and offer a clear argument.Support your argument with specific details from the assigned reading, textbook, and/or lectures.
  • Writein your own words. If you do quote, keep quoted material to aminimum and be sure to cite your source.
  • Clearlyintroduce evidence taken from other sources so that the reader knows where the information originated (e.g., According to the presentation…).


  • Checkthe Discussion Board Forum regularly while it is open.
  • Posta minimumof2 replies to 2 different classmates, responding to their thread andengagingthem in a conversation(see below for tips). The 2 replies must be at least 150 words each.
  • Rememberto be courteous and use appropriate language. While it is acceptable to commend another student’s post, your replies should go further and engage the post’s actual content.
  • Itis recommended to take the time to respond to comments posted to your thread, especially questions and challenges.
  • The best participation happens over a period of days. It is better not to post all your replies on the same day. Likewise, if you wait until the last minute to post your replies, you limit the possibility of interaction. Participate in the discussion severaltimes, spacing out your responses, commenting on several threads,responding to questions on your own thread, and engaging others in adialogue on the topic.
  • Notethat the best discussion posts are those that encourageparticipation and further dialogue on the topic


  • Gradeswill be assigned based on the quality of your participation in thediscussion, the extent of dialogue, the number of posts, and thelevel of analysis present in your argument. See the grading rubricfor additional details.

Tipsfor Participation:

  • “Ilike what you said,” “That’s a good comment,” and “Idisagree with your comment,” can be a beginning, but these are notsufficient for real dialogue and interaction.
  • Avoidpurely “grading comments”—such as “your writing style isvery clear,” or “I like how you explained XYZ.” Whileencouraging comments can and should be included; you need to alsoinclude substance.
  • Encouragedialogue with others by explaining whyyouagree/disagree with their argument. Challenge opinions and argumentsin a professional, polite manner, and try to use open-endedquestions.
  • Offeradditional support for an argument that you agree with, and makesure that your challenges also include support.
  • Writeposts that demonstrate thoughtful, critical engagement of thematerial.

Remember,thepurpose of this assignment is not to create another essay or toencourage monologues; the purpose is to engage in critical thinkingand serious discussion. This can only be done when you take the timeto engage classmates; respond to their threads and comments on yourthread; ask and answer questions.


Professor’s Introductory Thread:

I look forward to reading your work this week! Here are a few things to ponder: As Christians, how do we view injustice? And what is our response to it? We need to ask the questions: What is the relationship between Christian beliefs vs. Government action? And what measures are there to ensure these are carried out equally? Martin Luther King Jr. dared to question some strongly held beliefs, which resulted in gross injustices for Black Americans. In his “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King Jr. acted upon his strong values concerning injustices around him. He would be assassinated in April five years later in Memphis, TN.

From a Biblical perspective, look at the Old Testament prophets, especially Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Habakkuk, who warned of judgment. All were contemporaries who witnessed Jerusalem’s attack in 597 BC and eventual destruction in 586 BC by the Babylonians. Most, except Jeremiah, who was taken to Egypt, were deported to Babylon. Not only did these prophets warn Judea, but they cried out for each to take personal responsibility for one’s own actions and repent. When there is no personal and corporate repentance, judgment must fall as it is in the character of God. Judah sinned against the Lord by worshipping many false gods, and they sinned against each other in the form of institutional injustices, violence, and plundering. Hab 1:4 responded, “Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails. The wicked hem in the righteous, so that justice is perverted.” Again a bit earlier, when King Jehoshaphat appointed judges (by the way, our Founding Fathers wisely adopted this Biblical practice of giving the authority to appoint judges to the President), he admonished them to “let the fear of the Lord be upon you. Judge carefully, for with the Lord our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery” (2Chron 19:7).

So what does this mean for us, the Church, today? It’s easy to point the finger at others, but Scripture again tells us to examine our own hearts. Judgment begins in the house of the Lord, according to 1 Pet 4:17 and Ezek 9:6. What do we need to clean up inside each of us? And what injustices around us need to be changed? We are all made in God’s image who sees us equally, so let’s honor one another.

I look for grading your responses because you back up what you state, so make sure to give plenty of concrete examples from the text. If you can relate any concept or idea, or action to Scripture, then go ahead and do so! In the end, always, always list sources in higher ed. However, do not use Wikipedia as it is subjective and thus not reliable information. If you cite Wikipedia in my class, you will be docked – so be careful! Lastly — Make sure to list the Word Count for each posting! Remember to cite properly AND do not use Wikipedia in higher ed!

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