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Design And Implement A Security Perimeter For Ict Networks

Design And Implement A Security Perimeter For Ict Networks

Design And Implement A Security Perimeter For Ict Networks

Unit Assessment Task (UAT) Assessment Task 2 – Unit Project (UP) Assessment type:

Unit Project (UP)

Assessment task description:  This is the second (2) assessment task you have to successfully complete to be deemed

competent in this unit of competency.  This assessment task requires you to complete a project.  You will receive your feedback within two weeks – you will be notified by your

trainer/assessor when results are available.  You must attempt all activities of the project for your trainer/assessor to assess your

competency in this assessment task.

Applicable conditions:  This project is untimed and are conducted as open book tests (this means you are able to

refer to your textbook).  You must read and respond to all criteria of the project.  You may handwrite/use computers to answer the criteria of the project.  You must complete the task independently.  No marks or grades are allocated for this assessment task. The outcome of the task will be

Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory.  As you complete this assessment task you are predominately demonstrating your practical

skills, techniques and knowledge to your trainer/assessor.  The trainer/assessor may ask you relevant questions on this assessment task to ensure that

this is your own work.

Resubmissions and reattempts:  Where a student’s answers are deemed not satisfactory after the first attempt, a

resubmission attempt will be allowed.  You must speak to your Trainer/Assessor if you have any difficulty in completing this task

and require reasonable adjustments (e.g. can be given as an oral assessment).  For more information, please refer to your RTO Student Handbook.

Location:  This assessment task may be completed in an independent learning environment or learning

management system.  Your trainer/assessor will provide you further information regarding the location of

completing this assessment task.

General Instructions for attempting the project:  You will be analyse enterprise data security requirements create new plan, review

encryption technologies and their respective costs in this assessment task.  Instructions analyse the existing security plan, create new plan, encrypt the data, and check

the system log to check for data compromises are provided within the assessment task.  You will be required to correctly attempt all activities of this assessment task.

How your trainer/assessor will assess your work?  This assessment task requires the student to successfully complete and submit a project.

Version Number: 1 (Review date: 01/10/2021) Unit Code: ICTNWK509 Name of the RTO: Harward International College RTO No: 22332 | CRICOS No: 03234B

 Answers must demonstrate the student’s understanding and skills of the unit.  You will be assessed according to the provided performance checklist/ performance criteria.  Assessment objectives/ measurable learning outcome(s) are attached as performance

checklist/ performance criteria with this assessment task to ensure that you have successfully completed and submitted the assessment task.

 If all assessment tasks are deemed Satisfactory (S), then the unit outcome is Competent (C).  If at least one of the assessment task is deemed Not Satisfactory (NS), then the unit outcome

is Not Yet Competent (NYC).  Once all assessment tasks allocated to this Unit of Competency have been undertaken,

trainer/assessor will complete an Assessment plan to record the unit outcome. The outcome will be either Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC).

 The “Assessment Plan” is available with the Unit Assessment Pack (UAP) – Cover Sheet.

Purpose of the assessment task:

This assessment task is designed to evaluate your following skills and abilities to implement integrated server solution.

Version Number: 1 (Review date: 01/10/2021) Unit Code: ICTNWK509 Name of the RTO: Harward International College RTO No: 22332 | CRICOS No: 03234B

Assessment Task 2 – Unit Project (UP) Instructions to complete this assessment task:

 Please write your responses in the template provided.  You may attach a separate sheet if required.  You must include the following particulars in the footer section of each page of the attached

sheets: o Student ID or Student Name o Unit ID or Unit Code o Course ID or Course Code o Trainer and assessor name o Page numbers

 You must staple the loose sheets together along with the cover page.  You must attach the loose sheets chronologically as per the page numbers.  Correction fluid and tape are not permitted. Please do any corrections by striking through

the incorrect words with one or two lines and rewriting the correct words.  The premise of the project must be closely related to the previous assessment task.  This submission must be well presented and follow the guidelines and instructions provided.  Please follow the format as indicated in the template section below.  One of the most important steps that you can take: proofread your project.  Project must be of 500-800 words in length, using 11-point font, double-spaced, and must

include a cover page, table of contents, introduction, body, summary or conclusion, and works cited.

 Appropriate citations are required.  All RTO policies are in effect, including the plagiarism policy.

Resources required to complete the assessment task:  Computer  Internet  MS Word

Version Number: 1 (Review date: 01/10/2021) Unit Code: ICTNWK509 Name of the RTO: Harward International College RTO No: 22332 | CRICOS No: 03234B

Scenario: –

HENNET BANK Limited-HBL is one of the renowned banks of Australia. HBL is an Australian retail bank with headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. The bank is one of the oldest financial institutions in Victoria, and now has branches throughout Australia with a network of 252 branches, including 78 corporate branches and 166 “owner managed” branches. HBL is one of Australia’s leading regional banks. They are also among the few still not owned by one of the big banks.

At HBL, most of our branches are run by local Owner-Managers. This means they’re running a small business and understand what it means to deliver personal service.

The main Data Centre comprising of Servers is located at the Head Office in Melbourne along with the IT department also housed at the same premises. HBL offers one of the most sophisticated online services to its customers and all the credit goes to the IT department and the associated stakeholders of the bank.

The centralised network of HBL is one of the best designed networks and comprised of all the servers (DNS, WEB Server, Proxy, and Email), computers, printers, scanners, Bar code readers, token machines, WiFi access points for laptops and Hand Held Devices. The Network has also its Intrustion Detection SYSTEM –IDS and all this Local Network is connected to Internet. It has been recently observed by the IT Department that the Bank’s Network infrastructure requires advanced and more sophisticated security parameters and need to abolish the existing security measures been taken.

IT department is headed by the Information Systems Manager-DANE, while SAM is the Network administrator and is responsible for the management of the network, configuration and the implementation of the security parameters on the network. The IT department has decided to design and implement perimeter devices for the security of the bank’s ICT networks.

The IT department will arrange an initial meeting to gain the trust of the Directors of the Bank. The need to elaborate the requirement for the designing and the implementation of the perimeter security for the ICT network infrastructure of the bank.

The job responsibilities of both the Information Systems Manager and the Network Administrator are as under along with the network diagram of the bank:

Job responsibilities of the Information Systems Manager:

 Direct research into the feasibility of major changes/overhaul for system infrastructure.  Develop and facilitate company relevant trainings for the departmental staff.  Write and submit price proposals for new technology needs.  Track and assure that monthly expenditures are within the budget.  Review newly programmed computer fixes and patches.  Assist with troubleshooting complex technological problems.  Lead disaster recovery efforts and preparation.  Conduct system audit and/or large scale system load tests.  Selecting and purchasing appropriate hardware and software  Managing IT budgets  Ensuring software licensing laws are followed  Implementing and managing security or integrity and backup procedures  Scheduling upgrades  Providing user training, support, advice and feedback  Testing and modifying systems to ensure that that they operate reliably

Version Number: 1 (Review date: 01/10/2021) Unit Code: ICTNWK509 Name of the RTO: Harward International College RTO No: 22332 | CRICOS No: 03234B

 Managing secure network access for remote users  Keeping up to date with new technology  Designing maintenance procedures and putting them into operation

Job responsibilities of the Network Administrator:

 Assess Bank’s network and computer system needs.  Install hardware and software.  Make upgrades and repairs as needed.  Oversee digital security.  Perform maintenance that all systems are operating.  Collect and analyze data to optimize performance.  Onboard users to network.  Train users on hardware and software.  Troubleshoot problems with the system.  Oversee local area network and wide area network.  Participate in Team meetings, providing input and suggestions, and prepare minutes of

discussion items.  Assist in gathering bid prices on equipment and supplies as needed.  Provide written document on a monthly basis which defines upcoming needs of network

which would require purchase of additional hardware or software.  Monitor and report licenses on applications to ensure compliance on a monthly basis.  Perform duties of coordinator in his/her absence.  Utilize technology to provide staff with a fast, accurate and secure method of gaining access

to information so they can service the member in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

 Manage and maintain NOS tree and structure.

The Network Diagram of HBL is as below, illustrating the networked Servers and all the computers of the bank:

Version Number: 1 (Review date: 01/10/2021) Unit Code: ICTNWK509 Name of the RTO: Harward International College RTO No: 22332 | CRICOS No: 03234B

Version Number: 1 (Review date: 01/10/2021) Unit Code: ICTNWK509 Name of the RTO: Harward International College RTO No: 22332 | CRICOS No: 03234B

Activity 1:

Task 1: (Role Play on requirements of the Perimeter Security)

The IT department needs to correspond with the management of the organisation to elaborate the requirement of the design and implementation of the perimeter security. The IT department will organise a meeting and explain the requirements to the General Manager Operations and one member from the Board of Directors. After the elaboration of the requirements, they need to complete the minutes of meetings and get it signed off by all the attendees including the member of Board of Directors to initiate the implementation.

You will act as the Network Administrator and will elaborate in the meeting (role play) about the requirements of the implementation of perimeter device. Your assessor/trainer will act as the Information Systems Manager and will correspond with the management and the end users in briefing the requirements. Two of the students will act as the General Manager Operations and the Member of Board of Directors.

In the role-play you need to discuss the following:

 Requirements of the designing and implementation of the Perimeter Security.  It will include:

o The nature of the security being required by the Bank’s ICT networki infrastructure o Level of Security required for the Network

You are required to complete the following meeting minute’s template and submit to your trainer/assessor.

Minutes of Meeting

Meeting Objective:




No Points Discussed Actions Suggested Target Date

Version Number: 1 (Review date: 01/10/2021) Unit Code: ICTNWK509 Name of the RTO: Harward International College RTO No: 22332 | CRICOS No: 03234B

Signature of attendee 1: Signature of attendee 2:

Signature of attendee 3: Signature of attendee 4:

Task 2: Report – (Planning and designing of the Firewall Solution as perimeter security)

Before initiation of the implementation of the perimeter security, you need to prepare a report including the planning and designing of the security solution. You will prepare the report and present the report for final approval from the competent authority i.e. General Manager Operations and the Information Systems Manager

In your report analyse the following points and complete the below given template for the report:

 Research the expected security threats to the organisation’s network infrastructure  Explain in detail the available perimeter security options that can be used to make the

network secure  Designing of security perimeters as per the organisation’s requirements.

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