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Business Expansion And Sustainability

Business Expansion And Sustainability

Business Expansion And Sustainability


Running head: STAFFING PLAN 1



Staffing Plan for a Growing Business

Towana D. Ray

Professor Steven Curry

BUS 335: Staffing Organizations

14 May 2018

1. Introduction
As the human resource function in an organization, the role of the human resource manager is to oversee that the company has enough people resources. A staffing plan is a document that shows the number of employees and their classification that a company needs for a particular time. A staffing plan is constructed through the process of staffing planning which involves ensuring that the organization has the right people at the right time, place and numbers. It ensures that a certain project is enacted by a company that has the right and the correct number of people with the necessary skills and experience for effectively completing the objectives of the project. (Burch, 2018).

As the Human Resource Manager of a technology company, it is crucial that highly experienced staff are employed so as to provide satisfactory services to the customers. The purpose of this plan is to write a plan that will show and guide the process of recruiting staff who will build and distribute surveillance cameras to various government agencies. The plan will guide the organization in identifying the most relevant and qualified staff for the project.

2. Staffing models
Staffing models are management tools that contain information about the organization’s aspects. The management tools assist the organization and manages the resources, processes, customers, employees, and products so as to fulfil the objectives of the company or the project that is being enacted. There are different types of staffing models such as the staffing quality model, the staffing quantity model, which includes the people job match model and the people organization match, the staffing system components model and the book model. There are also others such as long-term planning models, short-time planning models, strategic models and succession planning model. (Peterson, 2007).

People organization match model
This model involves matching the organizational values, the vacant job with the person and to determine whether they match with the human resource value such as professionalism, integrity and also reliability among others.

Significant effects of using organizational match model
The employees will have desirable behaviours and attitudes that match or depict the organization’s culture and norms. These people will not only serve at the position they are being hired too but they show a lot of flexibility that they may serve future jobs. This is a great advantage as they will have the necessary experience in the business thus there will be the low cost of training for the business.

Staffing quantity model
The staffing quantity model involves comparing the projected staffing requirements with the projected staffing availabilities and then taking the necessary action to ensure that the right staff is recruited and trained for the job and roles. This model ensures that there are enough people to perform the job and it is usually the simplest model in the application.

Significant effects of using the staffing quantity model
If the staff that meets the requirements are more than needed, then the company will be overstaffed. If the employees that meet the requirements are less than the required number, then the organization will be understaffed. The most effective model is having the right number of employees for the right job as per the organization’s requirements.

Since the company is a small business, the best model to use is the organization match model. The reason why the human resource manager chooses this model is that it is the easiest to understand and apply and it can be easily adapted by the company. It is important to match the values of the organization with the people so as to determine who best suits the organization. Since the pilot test has already been done, there is an already established procedure of how the production of the cameras will be done hence it is easy to train the employees. Also, the project is a contract that will take a period of time hence it is important to consider the issue of time and also the number of agencies being provided with the service.

3. Legal issues that may occur when establishing equal employment opportunities and diversity within the workplace while aiming to acquire the right employees
In today’s workplace environment, there is diversity which cannot be evaded hence the human resource function must ensure that there are equal opportunities in the workplace. These include demographics such as gender and age, ethnic background, race or even the social class. These types of diverse aspects of the potential employees may bring forth different legal issues. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states that employers should not be facilitated by certain aspects such as race or ethnic background. (Diversity Primer, 2009 p.32-36).

· Equal payment as directed by The Equal Pay Act of 1963 that directs that employees with different characteristics must be paid equally and fairly.

· Age discrimination as per The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 which prohibits discrimination against people over 40 years of age.

· People with special needs discrimination as stated by The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that discourages discrimination against people with special needs or disabilities. Such as the visually impaired and the physically impaired.

How to achieve transparency within the staffing model
According to Meister (2015), transparency is important when achieving employee loyalty. The organization should try and hire employees who are transparency as it will help in gaining the trust of the employer. It is also important to encourage the importance of communication for effective processes. It is also important that the employer considers eliminating the layers of titles and uses open communication to everyone so that each one is aware of what is happening in the organization. It is also important to create a forum for the employees to ask any questions as it eliminates any possibilities of fear that is usually in a face-to-face conversation.

4. Tasks needed to identify, analyze and develop job requirements.
In order to identify the requirements and task statements that will be included in a formalized job description, it is important to conduct a job analysis. The job analysis will help identify the vital characteristics of the job title and determine what the candidates should have qualified in and the documents in consideration.

There is a need to analyze the organization’s general information and structure so that the candidate knows what the organization is all about. It is also important to consider the salary. A high amount may require more requirements and also experience. They should also consider the duties and the responsibility as these will determine the job title and the qualifications. They should also determine the required skills and qualifications. This will assist the candidates in determining whether they are suitable for applying for the job. It will also assist the employer to understand what skills and abilities the candidates have.

The job descriptions should be reviewed after every project as every project is different from the other and may require people with different skills and abilities.

5. Methods to deal with high employee turnover.
Employee turnover refers to the number of employees who leave an organization and are replaced by other employees. The number can be reduced by hiring the right people for the right jobs. This will ensure that the employees are satisfied with their jobs and they are sure that they are developing their careers. It is also important to offer competitive benefits and salaries to the employees. These can be done by comparing the market price and also the competitor’s payroll. It is also important to recognize the employees who are doing well and encourage every employee as this will give them a sense of ownership of the business and also a sense of responsibility. (Kappel, 2017).

The primary manner in which succession plans will be beneficial
A succession plan is a process of identifying potential leaders in the education pool, recruiting and training them so that they can replace roles in the organizations that are vacant due to retirement or resignation. The succession plan ensures that there is continuity in the company in case of any vacant position. It also ensures that there are no gaps in roles left for recruitment and training as the replacements are ready and experienced. It also helps to ensure that the best talents are retained in the organization for the benefits of the organization. (Swamidass, 2013).


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