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Why is it important to learn about different technology tools when they are constantly changing?

Why is it important to learn about different technology tools when they are constantly changing?

Why is it important to learn about different technology tools when they are constantly changing?

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Digital Tools in Today’s Classroom

Chapter 3

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Reflecting on What I Know

Why is it important to learn about different technology tools when they are constantly changing?
Most desktop computers do the same things as mobile devices, so why do teachers need to use them?
How can the cost of digital devices be justified when the functions they perform are often limited in number and scope.
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Using Digital Tools in the Classroom
Four Digital Tool Categories

Device Software
File Format
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Desktop Components
All-in-One Desktops
Monitor, Processor, Speakers
Computer Pros and Cons

Digital Tool Pros Cons
Desktop Components Easily replace or upgrade individual components by school personnel Monitors are often large enough for easy group sharing Desk workspace reduced Heavy Immobile
All-in-one Desktop Compact size provides additional space for individual or group work. Drives (e.g., USB, CD, DVD) may be more accessible if CPU is not stored on desktop. Higher cost Entire unit must go for repairs Immobile
Laptop Portable – can be used in multiple locations Compact size Many schools keep extra laptops for use when others are sent for repair Access to power outlets Easily damaged from dropping Short battery life Smaller screen limits usability for small-group learning
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Mobile Devices

Digital Media Players/Recorders
Digital Cameras
e-Book Readers
GPS Navigation Receivers
Graphing Calculators
PDA (Personal Data Assistants)
Personal Response Systems
Mobile Devise Pros

Digital Tool Pros
Digital Media Players/Recorders Portable for field use Review at home Stores more data than a tape Less moving parts than a tape recorder Digital format produces higher quality recordings that are easy to edit Files easily transfer to other digital devices Files can be copied indefinitely without degradation
Digital Cameras Inexpensive all-in-one models Easy to use Instant viewing of images Digital editing and deletion of unwanted photos Large storage capacity
E-books Stores multiple books that can easily be exchanged or deleted Enables digital manipulation of contents, e.g., searching, highlighting, bookmarking, audible reading, increasing font size Enables digital enhancements, e.g., links to video or related information
GPS Navigation Receivers Provides a variety of real-time information Small portable size
Personal Data Assistants Low cost as compared to laptops Light weight – easy to carry Multifunction Uses less power than a laptop
Mobile Devise Cons

Mobile Devise Cons
Digital Media Players/Recorders Higher cost than some tape recorders Video display models more costly Typically replaced rather than repaired. Theft
Digital Cameras May break when dropped Theft
E-books Initial cost Devices become outdated Lacks esthetic feel of a book Management software for tracking e-book downloads and returns Management plan for scheduling downloads of student reading materials Security system to keep students from downloading unassigned books or sharing school-purchased books
GPS Navigation Receivers Cost for frequency of use Speed and location accuracy varies by type of device Small screen reduces readability Some are difficult to read in sunlight
Graphing Calculators Can be used to play distracting games
Personal Data Assistants Some applications will not run Small screen and keypad make completion of student work difficult – although use of a keyboard with the PDA is helpful.
Personal Response Systems Mixed research results on effectiveness Small and easy to lose
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Audio Devices
Interactive Whiteboards
Science Probes
Peripherals Pros

Digital Tool Pros
Projectors Large display Easy to see Mobile or mounted option
Interactive Whiteboards Interacts with computer Stores annotations in computer Places teacher or presenter in front of students
Printers Inkjet inexpensive Laser excellent quality prints
Scanners Inexpensive Easy to use
Science Probes Inexpensive Portable Connect to desktop, laptop, PDA
WebCams Inexpensive models available Broadcasts live video
Peripherals Cons

Digital Tool Cons
Projectors Replacement bulbs are expensive Cost is higher for high ambient light room
Interactive Whiteboards Often too small for large classroom Resolution depends on projector and may not be suitable for detailed displays The low height of floor models makes it difficult for some students to see the entire whiteboard.
Printers Refreshing laser printers is costly Need special supplies for printing labels, photos, etc.
Scanners Require driver installation
Science Probes Delicate
Webcams Typically require a driver installation
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Data Storage Devices

External Hard Drives
Flash Drives
Storage Cards
Digital Storage Pros and Cons

Digital Tool Pros Cons
External Hard Drive Small Large capacity storage Easy to use Susceptible to damage from multiple sources Can spread viruses
Flash Drives Small Easy to use Easy to lose Susceptible to damage from multiple sources
Storage Cards Small Fits directly in device Need an adapter to transfer data to computer
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Closing Thoughts

Describe a management plan that you can implement to help prevent the loss of your digital files and your student’s data from portable drives.
Select a peripheral or mobile device and generate a list of ways you could integrate the technology into a lesson by using the technology as a tool.

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